What is the visible font size in mm

The cold days continue, but how are you all feeling? It seems that we’ll enter some cold weather on Saturday the 20th. I've already exhausted all the best winter clothes I've ever bought, but I'm worried about whether I'll be able to survive the remaining cold days...

We've prepared a project that's perfect for these days when it's so cold that you can't help but curl up!

This time's theme is to introduce you to the maximum font size that can be seen with a stamping machine!

First, I tried stamping a range of sizes, from 0.5mm up to 3.0mm.

Now, let's go watch the video together!

The smallest size, 0.5mm, is difficult to see visually, but as you get to 0.8mm size, you will be able to see the numbers.

You can see that visibility becomes considerably higher between 1.5 mm and 3 mm.

Next is a close-up shot of the engraving through a magnifying glass.

What do you think? Now you can clearly see the 0.5mm mark!

Looking at it this way, if you want to engrave a font size that is visible to the naked eye, we recommend 0.8 mm to 3 mm.

How was it?

It may be rare to engrave 0.5mm, but this attention to quality is unique of Tocho's products.

See you again in the next blog!