Introducing the MB series with Gacha!

Thank you for your help! I oversee public relations for Tocho Marking.
It's December! I really love the excitement of the holidays.
There is a unique feeling of both busyness and excitement!

I would be very happy if someone could sympathize with me.
It's been a while since I updated this blog.
It wasn't that I was slacking off, but I was trying my best to make videos so that the viewers could have as much fun as possible.
I'm always working hard to keep everyone from getting bored...

Let's learn about the MB series models with a gacha game!
The operating methods and the importance of traceability we have introduced so far are very important, but this time we’ll go back to the basics and introduce our products in a fun way!

I hope you get the feeling like you are spinning a gacha would be happy if you could watch it and feel like you are spinning a gacha.

Now, let's go watch the video together!

How was it? Do you have a favorite card?

If you are interested, please pause the video to look at the model you most like and how it rates to the other models, in number of stars.

See you soon!