About Us

100 Years of Traceability Technology through Engraving

Tocho Marking Systems America is the world’s leading provider of etching, engraving, and marking systems. Founded in 1919, we have over 100 years of experience creating clean, timeless results for a variety of traceability applications. Almost every industry uses Tocho products — aerospace, automotive, engineering, healthcare, manufacturing and construction, oil and gas, and so much more. With our industrial-grade craftsmanship and attentive customer service, you will be able to handle tough tasks accurately and efficiently. Are you tired of getting inaccurate results using the traditional methods of marking metal, wood, glass, and other common materials? We have a full stack of software, accessories, and friendly marking experts ready to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you make your mark on the world!

1919 Company Foundation

Established Hanawa Engraving Corp. by Tsunetaro Hanawa in Tokyo, Japan.Contributed to industrial engraving and decoration technology by craftsmanship.

A close-up photo of the numbers and alphabets type sorts.
Close-up of a machine drilling a hole. A picture of a craftsman grinding a number by hand on a press and roll marking machine. An image of steel stamps.

1957 New Incorporation

Changed company name to Tokyo Chokoku Marking Products Co., Ltd. and converted to incorporation. Started to produce the mechanical Numbering Head, Set Marker, Press and Roll Marking Machine. Its technology skills have been taken over until now.

2009 MarkinBOX Debut

Started production of MB3315 which became the first model of MarkinBOX series. Introduced the most compact portable dot pin marker to the world.

Image of the first model in the Markin BOX series, MB3315, engraving the text on a nameplate on a wall. The first model of the Markin BOX series, MB3315 with five color variations in green, blue, red, black and white from far left. Multiple MB2015s are displayed side by side.
The outside view of the office of TOCHO MARKING SYSTEMS AMERICA, Inc.

2017 Sales Office in US

Established TOCHO MARKING SYSTEMS AMERICA, Inc. in Torrance, CA. Started as a base in North / South America.

2018 Patmark Debut

Production and sales of the Patmark series started. Its unique markers are powered by battery, means allowance total mobile solution.

Image of two Patmark Series units, one in orange and one in black, placed side by side.