Comparison Study Vibro Pen vs. Pin Marking

Why Pin Marking?

After many conversations with new and current customers, a question tends to pop up, “why should I convert to pin marking if I am already using a Vibro pen?” That is a great question. To answer this question, we ask the question, “What type of mark do you want?”

Obviously, we think highly of our equipment, but it is an important question to ask.

Both our MarkinBOX and Patmark Pin Markers give our customers the professional consistency that a vibro pen cannot. Let’s take a look at the photo below. A customer gave us permission to use this example. They were using a vibro pen and learned about our equipment. After some testing, they saw a level of professionalism that they could offer their customers. Clean and even marking. The top mark was engraved with a vibro pen.

Which one can you read better?

To accomplish this mark, they used our MarkinBOX Automated rotary device. (see video for an example) The automated rotary attachment allows the user to get a clean and even mark, around the circumference of the part. Versus holding it in your hand and trying to engrave important product information with a vibrating pen.

As always, we truly appreciate your time and thank you for supporting us.

If you have any questions about pin marking, please contact us.