Traceability is the ability to track/trace along every step of your manufacturing process and beyond.

There are a variety of reason that Traceability is important during the manufacturing process. Whether you are tracking part numbers, heat treating, serialization, dates, etc., it is critical to track the manufacturing history of products. With an easily traceable serial mark, errors or defects can be quickly tracked down and corrected.

If the traceability of a part is insufficient, you may not be able to swiftly respond when an error occurs. This may cause a lack of trust in your products, or even your company.

Properly establishing traceability in every step of the manufacturing process helps ensure trust in your company.

Customer satisfaction is increased by strengthening risk management and improving product quality through permanent marking.

  • •Avoiding Counterfeit Parts
  • •Preventing Data Tampering
  • •Permanent Marking
  • •Ability to engrave Directly on Product
  • •Product History
  • •QR Code Management
  • •Quality Improvement

Another benefit of permanent serialization is reduction of running costs by replacing labels and stickers, which tear and fade.


By engraving your products, you can protect your valuable products and streamline error prevention.

TOCHO is the only stamp and stamping machine manufacturer that is particular about its own integrated production. This means that we design and manufacture every part of our products with the sole purpose of delivering the highest quality products to you.

We are here to support your traceability needs anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions about Traceability, please contact us.

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