Larger marking area with tool and post for a more diverse needs.
Marking area of X axis 100mm × Y axis 100mm.
Image of MarkinBOX Series MB1010 with a laptop displaying a blueprint on the screen arranged on its right side

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Product details

  • Image of the MarkinBOX Series MB1010 main unit
  • Big Solenoid (BSD) for deeper marking is an option.

  • Image of the bottom view, looking up at the engraving drill portion of the MarkinBOX Series MB1010
  • Shutter to keep debris out is standard feature.

  • Image of the MarkinBOX Series MB1010 main unit
  • Handy Tool or Portable base (Optional) gives user portability.

Workpiece samples

  • Image of 'NR-WHEEL HR' text and QR code engraved in an arc on a donut-shaped piece of hardened steel
  • Arc marking on hardened steel (HRC60).

  • Image of a nameplate engraved with 'TRM-2-SB' for type, '0233870' for number, '18.03.2011' for date, and 'TOKYO CHOKOKU' with logo
  • Suitable for nameplate marking.

Details of MB1010

Specification / Price

Marking areaX axis 100mm (4″) x Y axis 100mm (4″)
Standard cable length2M (6′)
Head dimensions200mm (7.9″) x 217.5mm (8.6″) x 228mm (9″)
Head weight4.5kg (9.9lbs)
Tool and post dimensions220mm (8.7″) x 300mm (11.8″) x 573mm (22.6″)
Tool and post weight7kg (15.4lbs)
Material applicationMetal (HRC62), Plastics, Papers, Woods
Recommended Retail PriceUS$6,790 + TAX ~

*Taxes, tariffs, freight and currency exchange rates are different on depend on countries.


Drawing of MB1010

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Champagne Gold, Gun Metal, Silver, Wine Red, Black


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