Image of the MarkinBOX Series MB3315S (red) and a laptop with a blueprint displayed on the screen, arranged on the left side.
Image of the back side of the MarkinBOX Series MB3315S (black).
Image of the right side of MarkinBOX Series MB3315S (black)
Image of MarkinBOX Series MB3315S (black) placed horizontally.
Image of a person holding MarkinBOX Series MB3315S by hand and engraving towards a wall.


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    Installation space is directly linked to cost.

    The best-selling MarkinBOX series that combines compactness and portability for a limited installation area. MB3315S is a versatile unit from on-site making work to automated production lines.

    • Electric Dot Peen Marking

    • AC100V-240V 50/60Hz

    • USB, RS232C, LAN

    • Windows
      iOS and Android(option)

    • 1.5kg (3.3lbs)

    • 33mm x 15mm
      (1.3″x 0.6″)

    • Up to 15mm (0.6″)

    • 1 year

    MB3315S specification

    Marking area X axis 33mm (1.3″) x Y axis 15mm (0.6″)
    Standard cable length 3M (10′)
    Head dimensions 116mm (4.6″) x 73mm (2.9″) x 190mm (7.5″)
    Head weight 1.5kg (3.3lbs)
    Tool and post dimensions
    220mm (8.7″) x 300mm (11.8″) x 573mm (22.6″)
    Material application Metal (HRC62), Plastics, Papers, Woods
    Cover material Polycarbonate

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    Drawing of MB3315S

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