MarkinBOX Patmark

Marking and Reading QR Codes

Many of our customers already use our in-software QR code function to manage their products. But, with the growing use of QR Codes, new customers constantly ask us, “I have a new part that requires QR codes. Can your MarkinBOX or Patmark Pin Markers mark a QR Code? And can you read it?” Yes and Yes!

As we love to do, we did a variety of test marks, using three different processes. See the photos below.

1 Pin Marked with no coating

2 Pin Marked with permanent marker coating.

3 Pin Marked with permanent marker coating removed with alcohol.

Here is a video showing you the marking process and being read with a DPM Barcode reader.

What do you think? As you can see, all three processes were readable with considerable accuracy. Our High-Quality pin marking equipment outperforms more temporary product management using stickers or ink writing.

If you have any questions about QR codes, please contact us.

As always, thank you for supporting us and our High-Quality engraving machines.